May 2017

While out visiting a client recently, I was made aware of a rather odd predicament which I will share in the interest of helping someone else in a similar predicament.

One of our clients (lets call them Mr. X for privacy reasons) had been receiving a number of phone calls from someone supposedly working for Spark who was wanting to assist Mr. X to complete some “updates” on Mr. X computer to prevent malicious software from accessing his computer.  As it happens, Mr. X was indeed a Spark customer and had his broadband connection and landline with Spark.  After all, everything seemed to make sense to therefore it had to be legitimate right?

Mr. X was fortunately quite busy and was unable to permit this supposed Spark representative access to his computer as he was in a hurry and suggested he call back later. After a series of calls at inconvenient times of the day, Mr. X had begun to get frustrated with Spark calling him and had already engaged with Authorised IT to complete some other work for him so he decided to ask us while we were present if we knew anything about Sparks “maintenance” they were trying to complete on his computer.

Immediately we told him to make sure NEVER to give these people access to his machine and to ignore calls from them if they called again. FORTUNATELY Mr. X had not given them the access they were after however, had he not have spoken to us sooner he could have been vulnerable. We then proceeded to check his computers and his network connections to ensure everything was secure.

Moral of the story: NEVER trust anyone who calls you asking for access to your computer or any other technology for that matter.

More and more we are starting to see phone scammers who are attempting fool people into giving them access to their computers. These scammers will target the vulnerable and attempt to steal passwords, credit card information and as much valuable material they can get their hands on. Often this information is sold on black markets for financial gain. If you have already granted someone access to your computer please contact us immediately.

Click HERE to hear an example of a call made to someone else by a phone scammer.

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